Wednesday, November 06, 2013

LTE's Miss Universe 2013 Top 15

Here's our annual LTE's Miss Universe Choice. After watching the pre-lims, we came up with our Top 15. This is not a prediction, but our own personal picks. Here they are.....

TOP 15

TOP 10


And LTE's Miss Universe 2013 is..........

Congratulations, Philippines! We hope we're right come Saturday. Good luck! 

Surprises: Bolivia, Nigeria, Vietnam
Disappointments: France, USA, Venezuela
Dark Horses: Argentina, Curacao, Netherlands

------ O ------

LTE Remarks:

1. Philippines is a chameleon. Her candids dont give her justice. Her wardrobe simply shows she's from the third world. But with the right styling and make up, she transforms into a siren with different looks. And wait til she moves....

2. France is a disappointment for us, big time! She was LTE's early favorite but her preliminary presentation was unexciting at all.

3. Spain should have won LTE's Miss Universe 2013. Blame it on the dull gown. 

4. Speaking of dull gowns,  another letdown coming from USA.

5. Nigeria! You surprised us the most! The styling, the confidence, the stage-presence. We will not be bowled over if your name will be called come saturday.

6. Only if Venezuela doesnt look old.

7. We are not sure about Curacao, but we have the feeling.....

8. Philippines and Puerto Rico's yellow rivalry. Monic has a better gown, but Ara just made hers more beautiful with her spunk.

9. Poland was our early favorite to win. We were hoping she'll pull it off at the prelims, but what she showed us was a mediocre performance, #12 is just right. 

10. LTE dont get it right all the time. Here's LTE's Miss Universe picks through the years:

2007: GUATEMALA (Unplaced)
2008: BELGIUM (Unplaced)
2009: GREAT BRITAIN (Unplaced)
2010: IRELAND (Top 10)
2011: GREECE (Unplaced)
2012: FRANCE (Top 10)

So, Philippines.... the best of luck to you! Mabuhay! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LTE's MU2013's Best Swimsuit Pic

LTE's Miss Universe 2013 Swimsuit Pic Top 10:

 And the best Swimsuit Pic goes to.......

Monday, October 28, 2013

LTE's PFW S/S 2014 Top Picks

 Here's our favorite list from the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2014:

Overall, PFW was quite a yawn this season. Maybe Philippine fashion is all about playing safe. Or we could be wrong for we were not there personally. Thanks to the PFW Website for the photos! And don't worry, LTE is still a big fan of Philippine Fashion! Labyu!

Miss Universe 2013 Best and Worst in Gown

Imagine those pictures of Miss Universe 2013 ladies in their gowns placed on a red carpet at a gala event such as the Oscars, .......who stole the show... as the best... and worst?

LTE rounds up the Best......

 And the lady who wowed us the most  is.........

But teka... who were the losers on the red carpet?

 And the worst goes to...... 

We thought it's all cultural when a lady is choosing a gown for herself, but then again, the contestant from a Muslim country was who we admired the most. Tse ninyong lahat!

Miss Universe 2013 Favorite Glam Shots

 Fadil's Miss Universe glam pics are out. Here's out Top 15 Favorite List:

2013 Miss Universe Favorite Head Shots

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New York Spring 2014 RTW Favorites

 Here's our Top 10 (as if it matters, Tse!):


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