Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Racial Profiling IX

Lyka's East Asia: Zhu Lin and Zhang Xu Chao

US Vogue named India's Lakshmi Menon as one of the brightest stars in fashion today. But would there be one from East Asia in the near future? How about these new(?) Chinese models, Zhu Lin (left) and Zhang Xu Chao (right)? We are rooting for Zhang. We cant wait to see how her freckles will go. Ni Hao! 

Mama O Latino: Hilda and Justin Suarez
Betty is not the only cool Suarez. Hilda (Ana Ortiz) is getting noticed. Her vivacious character, her unsuccessful romantic relationships, and the nasal accent all put together for a good beautician show! (And Ralph Macchio for a new love? Venga!). Enter her son Justin (Mark Indelicato), Yesss! Justin, who has a new love interest as well. Will the blonde bully Randy be the one for him? Cant wait!  

Kelly's Caucasia: Dean and Dan Caten
Have you seen DSquared2 all-colored-male SS2009 Show? Its designers,Toronto-based  identical twins Dean and Dan did it again. Concept kung concept! (Obama Go ang drama! Naglalaway ang Lyka! Chos!) They're known for staging elaborate fashion shows with Homelessness, Men's Locker Room, Wild West, etc as examples of themes they've took on.  O Canada! We stand on guard for thee!

Jezebel's Indiarabia: Dev Patel and Freida Pinto
Would Slumdog Millionaire be this year's Juno? Toronto started the buzz. It won the People's Choice Award just like Juno. Every film enthusiast is talking about it. But would South Asian Actors Patel and Pinto be at the Oscars next year? Maybe not for there is no Jennifer Garner who supports them. May Pinto's sari shine on the red carpet!

Ekra's Afro: Venus and Serena 

Yes! No last names. Just Venus and Serena. Not the Tennis Aces but Venus and Serena, the designers. They are no Caten Brothers (yet) but Venus has EleVen (Sports Wear) and Serena, Aneres (Lingerie? Wow!). We admire both their tennis accomplishments but its too way early  to comment on their pieces. And yes, it seems that everyone is launching their own line. We cant wait for Sandra Oh to launch hers. Vavooooo!


mel beckham said...

Mwahahaha! Ang ganda talaga ni Ana O. I like her. Kamag-anak ba siya ni Mama O? Hihihi

For a change ha, hindi na mashonda ang choices ni Ate Ekra. Yun nga comment. Bwehehehe

Jezebel Patel said...

Hayan ka nanaman ate Lyka! You and your melancholies - hindi ikatutuwa ng binibining Ekra Tan ang iyong Racial Profiling - considering that Serena Williams looks like The Great Mama O - who also won this season's Project Runway - with the slogan, 'Dyug Lang Ang Pahinga.'

I like the China Girls, though and very intrigued ako sa kambal na puti. you should've put Julio at Julia for Asia as well. Ang kambal ng Tadhana.

Sabi nga ni MOnique Wilson, in one of her Academy Roles: "Ang tunay na pangalan ng babaeng itu ay Nimfa Gutierrez, isa syang babaeng Unggoy!"

Ang konek? - deep. Strong words.

fuchsiaboy said...

vengga ang zhang!

naloka ako.

magka-fierce kami!

Ekra Tan said...

huy MEL!

never akong pumipili ng mga racial racial profiling na yan. Si Ms. Lyka ang tanging profiler ng blog na ito. wala kaming say dyan. chos...

ang daming itim na bongga, like Oprah chos! tanda pa rin hehehe...

biased lang yan sa itim, except lang sa mga mhin na itim na bagong pantasya ni mama lyks. wahahahha..

Ekra Tan said...


si mama o itim yan!


mel beckham said...

Rephrase: hindi na mashonda ang choices ni Lyka for Ate Ekra. Hahaha

Mama O, ~wink~


Rexler said...

Hi. Is Scott Baio coming to Ugly Betty?

Kasi, in the last few eps, the new character introduced as Hilda's potential new love interest, Brooklyn councilman Archie Rodriguez, is played by Ralph Macchio of Karate Kid fame.

fuchsiaboy said...


once you go black you can't go back.

sana kaya mo, te.

Lyka Bergen said...

@Rexler. True ka dyan mare. Ralph Macchio nga! Thank you for the correction. Ewan ko ba, nalito ako sa dalawang ex's kong ito. Ayan pinalitan ko na ang post. Salamas!

@Fuchsiaboy. Di pa ako nakapag-try pero feel ko. tse!

Obnoxious Queer said...

And the Afros really look stunning on their yellow silk.

James said...


Rexler said...

You're very welcome.

And nami-miss ko sa Ugly Betty is Gio, played by Freddy Rodriguez. Sing-tangkad lang siya ng tangke ng Gasul, but he is hotter than an LPG explosion! Lalo na nung nagpa-skinhead sya!


Lyka Bergen said...

@Rexler: I love Freddy too. Since his 'Six Feeet Under' days. Mabuhay kah!


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